Histroy of Real Indian Food

Veeraswamy, the UK's
oldest Indian restaurant,
as it was in 1926


The Real Indian Food Group represents an exceptional history of innovation and consistent creation of memorable dining experiences starting with Chutney Mary’s birth in 1990

Chutney Mary was created in 1990 in fashionable Chelsea with the aim of redefining Indian cuisine as eaten in the restaurant environment anywhere in the world, including India

Almost immediately it became the dominant force in Indian cuisine in the West. It twice won the award of Best Indian restaurant in the UK and twice featured as London’s leading restaurant critic Fay Maschler's top 20 London restaurants.

Chutney Mary was revolutionary by being the first Indian restaurant in the world to:

•   Bring food from the roots of proper Indian cuisines to the restaurant table –the gourmet homes, palaces, clubs and the street food of India.

•   Showcase the preparation of the very different gourmet cuisines from 6-7 different regions of India at any one time

•   Plate Indian food in a stylish international manner; pair wine with Indian food

•   Integrate luxurious western interior design and sophisticated lighting with Indian food

•   Incorporate western customer service standards

It set the benchmark for Indian fine dining in the world.

Veeraswamy, Britain’s most iconic and oldest Indian Restaurant, off Regent Street was acquired in 1997. It was reincarnated as a contemporary Indian restaurant, with the same core culinary values as in Chutney Mary, but with a totally different menu, styling and presentation.

It was highly acclaimed eg Time Out gave it the Best Indian Restaurant Award

Masala Zone restaurants were then created starting in 2001 after the success with Chutney Mary & Veeraswamy out of the passion for customers to enjoy proper Indian food as eaten by Indians daily in India.  They offer a diverse selection of Indian street food and home food at affordable prices in a trendy and vibrant setting. The first restaurant in Soho became an instant success as one of the most popular Indian restaurants in the UK.

There are now several Masala Zone restaurants all in London.

Amaya was launched in 2004 with the pioneering and unique objective of showcasing the grilled foods of India. These are prepared in full view in a theatrical show kitchen. It remains unique in concept and execution.

Amaya was an immediate spectacular success. It has received numerous awards including the Best Restaurant Award and retains the Michelin Star which it received first in 2006 within a few months of its opening.

It remains one of London’s most sophisticated destinations restaurants.

Veeraswamy was then restyled in 2005 with luxury & sumptuousness of the 20s & 30s, as befitting its vintage

The cuisine at Veeraswamy since then has combined splendid Indian classical cuisine from several regions of India, delectable comfort food along with innovative Indian food.

This restyling placed Veeraswamy as a grand restaurant alongside Chutney Mary & Amaya. This has been widely applauded, including the award of the Michelin Star in 2016

Chutney Mary was relocated to the heart of the West End in 2015 so as to be closer to the past, present and future customers interested in fine Indian dining.

Its rebirth in a remarkable location, in stylish St. James's brings together a glamorous restaurant and bar with innovative contemporary Indian cuisine and superb service.

The Masala Zone restaurants have been completely transformed in 2016/17 in the interiors, the style and presentation, with an even more eclectic menu. The restaurants present real Indian cuisines at affordable prices, friendly service, & strong design, with each being visually different