MW Eat Secure Online Pre-Authorisation facility

The purpose of this page is to make a Pre-Authorised commitment securely where we have requested credit card commitment for example in relation to:

  • A reservation at Chutney Mary, Veeraswamy, or Amaya or Masala Zone, where your reservation has been confirmed subject to a credit card commitment
  • A special event where advance commitment is required

How to make your reservation pre-authorisation

  • Please fill in the information requested below, including the reference number you have been given and purpose of the pre-authorisation
  • You will then receive a pre-authorisation completed email indicating that your pre-authorisation has been made successfully
  • This will be followed by a subsequent email confirming that  your reservation is confirmed

The Pre-Authorisation amount on your credit card will be only charged in the unlikely event of:

  • You do not show up for your reservation.
  • You cancel or modify the reservation with less than the time specified in our email to you.


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