Real Indian Food Gift vouchers

gift vouchers

Gift vouchers from us have timeless appeal.

We offer gift vouchers which can be used only in our In one of our fine dining restaurants – Amaya, Chutney Mary & Veeraswamy – or across the Group, including our highly regarded Masala Zone restaurants

In our fine dining restaurants, the average cost of a complete meal for two people, including wine & service, is about £200. In our Masala Zone restaurants , the average cost for two all included is around £100.

You also have a choice of receiving the gift vouchers by email as a PDF attachment, or in the post.

For gift vouchers by email you can make the payment immediately, and receive the vouchers by return. Please note that refunds are not possible once the payment has been made.

For gift vouchers by post you will need to provide the postage address. We will then let you know the total cost.

We will then send you details of our online secure payment facility. The vouchers will then be posted to the delivery address after we have received payment.

To start, please indicate your choice between gift vouchers exclusively for fine dining restaurants, or for the whole Group.

Then, please indicate your delivery choice below.


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