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October 01, 2023
Aspire Magazine article
Chutney Mary – Editor’s Pick, Aspire Magazine
August 11, 2015
Chutney Mary – Time Out Top 50 restaurants in London – No 5
“Indian cooking as good as it gets.”
June 14, 2018
Chutney Mary - Best Indian restaurants in London ( Chutney Mary Veeraswamy) Conde Nast Traveler June 2018
August 11, 2015
Chutney Mary - Time Out Top 50 restaurants in London
October 28, 2015
Chutney Mary – Winner of Square Meal Lifestyle BMW Best New Restaurant Award
“For a restaurant to reach the 25-year mark is unusual; for it to mark that anniversary by moving to a totally different part of the city is unheard of.”
June 18, 2015
Chutney Mary – Evening Standard Review
“Just the right mix of capacious, candle-bedazzled, art-strewn and Bentley-visited”
July 19, 2015
Chutney Mary – The Sunday Times Magazine 5* review
AA Gill concludes "if there is a better pan-Indian restaurant in London than Chutney Mary, I haven't eaten in it"
June 06, 2015
Chutney Mary – The Time Out 5* Review
“Astonishing Quality & wonderful service” Roopa Gulati
July 18, 2015
Chutney Mary – FT Weekend Magazine Review
"Nicholas Lander visits the impressive Indian restaurant at its new home in Green Park"
June 15, 2015
Chutney Mary – The Telegraph Review
“This is food that is as enjoyable as it is eye-opening”
October 10, 2017
Chutney Mary - GQ - The best Indian restaurants and take aways in London
Here, the food is paramount – and draws on the entire nation for its menu, rather than specialising on one particular region – but so too is the experience (service is beyond excellent), environment (you’ll never visit a smarter-looking dining room, regardless of the kitchen’s output), and experience.
October 03, 2017
Chutney Mary - Conde Nast Traveller listing - The best Indian restaurants in London
"... a completely new set of menus, with fluffy Akoori-Indian style scrambled eggs for brunch, and larger dishes of Afghani chicken tikka infused with fennel, cardamom and Himalayan mint, and a beautifully filleted sea bass with a spiced crispy glaze. "
June 04, 2015
Chutney Mary – Square Meal Review
“The all-new Chutney Mary has everything you could want from a smart Indian restaurant”
July 08, 2015
Chutney Mary – Evening Standard - London Design Hotspot
“The new home of Chutney Mary incorporates dazzling décor that is fitting for this sumptuous environment”
September 16, 2016
Chutney Mary - Real Critics Guide
"Situated in the heart of London’s West End this is the perfect location to start your evening. We had an impeccable evening of fine Indian cuisine, the staff really understand the art of hospitality and the chef’s clearly understand the art of Indian cuisine."
November 27, 2017
Chutney Mary - Tatler Restaurant Guide
"Now well established at its swish new address, Chutney Mary offers glamorous, upscale Indian dining - a handsome room, elegantly dressed tables, assured cooking and oodles of fun."
September 01, 2017
Chutney Mary - The Resident Review
"Whether it's dishes of the calibre of keema goat, sublime butter chicken and perfect naan, or the wonderfully comfortable room, where your waiter anticipates your every desire, this is offering something essentially special."
October 11, 2016
Chutney Mary - About Time- Best for Special Occasions: Chutney Mary
Newly relocated to St. James’s in the heart of the West End, Chutney Mary is the place to come for a fancy Indian meal. It’s all about quality here – the finest ingredients and innovative thinking, reinventing traditional regional recipes to offer gourmets an outstanding dining experience.
August 07, 2015
Chutney Mary - Squaremeal review - Pukka Bar
“Pukka Bar’s relaxed, all ­encompassing outreach may even appeal more to some than the main restaurant.”
December 22, 2017
Chutney Mary - The Independent BRUNCH ON SATURDAY
The menu is ingenious, cleverly fusing together breakfast classics and little-known Indian ingredients.
September 18, 2017
Chutney Mary - Absolutely London Chutney Mary brunch
Spice fiends will be in heaven at this new high-class Indian brunch with dishes like spicy Eggs Benedict and Kedgeree from the Chutney Mary crew
November 16, 2017
Chutney Mary - The Handbook - We review Chutney Mary Brunch
"A stunning Indian restaurant serving up traditional dishes with a clever, contemporary twist."
November 25, 2016
Chutney Mary - Metro Review - Brunch
"Brunch Indian-style at Chutney Mary on a Saturday is the antithesis of an average Friday night out, when you lazily wake up to the weekend in elegant surroundings with attentive waiters and a pianist seamlessly catering to everyone's tastes."
September 01, 2017
Chutney Mary - Good Things Magazine - Brunch with punch
Chutney Mary's new weekend brunch won't disappoint.
July 17, 2017
Chutney Mary - Good Things - Where To Dine: July
Unique to the UK, the egg dishes either originate from Indian breakfasts or mid-morning snacks, or are spicy versions of British favourites – these include Akoori a famous parsi dish (scrambled eggs with tomato, spring onion and herbs); Bombay Kejriwal with green chilli (fried egg and cheese on crisp toast sprinkled with green chilli); Spiced Eggs Benedict; and Mopla egg masala with paratha (Kerala curried eggs).
July 27, 2015
Chutney Mary – The Mayfair Magazine review
“Chutney Mary is sure to become a mainstay for all who visit.”
October 12, 2017
Chutney Mary - Where London - The taste of India
Chutney Mary recently launched a weekend brunch menu with English breakfast classics given an Indian twist, for example eggs Benedict come with green chillies and ginger.
October 13, 2016
Chutney Mary - Mayfair Times Saturday Brunch Menu
Start with a pitcher of the bar's brunch cocktail, then opt for bold, flavourful plates of akoori on toast; glazed tandoori chilli paneer tikka; golden fried prawns and Bombat kejriwal.
November 27, 2017
Chutney Mary - Harden's - London's top private dining rooms
"Chutney Mary offers two dining rooms, with an extensive menu of options to cater for private celebrations, lunches, dinners or business events."