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Media Articles

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November 25, 2016
Chutney Mary - Metro Review - Brunch
"Brunch Indian-style at Chutney Mary on a Saturday is the antithesis of an average Friday night out, when you lazily wake up to the weekend in elegant surroundings with attentive waiters and a pianist seamlessly catering to everyone's tastes."
October 28, 2015
Chutney Mary – Winner of Square Meal Lifestyle BMW Best New Restaurant Award
“For a restaurant to reach the 25-year mark is unusual; for it to mark that anniversary by moving to a totally different part of the city is unheard of.”
September 14, 2015
Chutney Mary – Mayfair Times meets the owners
Selma Day finds “their passion for the business is as hot as ever.”
August 11, 2015
Chutney Mary – Time Out Top 50 restaurants in London – No 5
“Indian cooking as good as it gets.”
August 07, 2015
Pukka Bar – Squaremeal review
“Pukka Bar’s relaxed, all ­encompassing outreach may even appeal more to some than the main restaurant.”
July 27, 2015
Chutney Mary – The Mayfair Magazine review
“Chutney Mary is sure to become a mainstay for all who visit.”
July 19, 2015
Chutney Mary – The Sunday Times Magazine 5* review
AA Gill concludes "if there is a better pan-Indian restaurant in London than Chutney Mary, I haven't eaten in it"
July 18, 2015
Chutney Mary – FT Weekend Magazine Review
"Nicholas Lander visits the impressive Indian restaurant at its new home in Green Park"
July 08, 2015
Chutney Mary – Evening Standard - London Design Hotspot
“The new home of Chutney Mary incorporates dazzling décor that is fitting for this sumptuous environment”
June 18, 2015
Chutney Mary – Evening Standard Review
“Just the right mix of capacious, candle-bedazzled, art-strewn and Bentley-visited”
June 15, 2015
Chutney Mary – The Telegraph Review
“This is food that is as enjoyable as it is eye-opening”
June 06, 2015
Chutney Mary – The Time Out 5* Review
“Astonishing Quality & wonderful service” Roopa Gulati
June 04, 2015
Chutney Mary – Square Meal Review
“The all-new Chutney Mary has everything you could want from a smart Indian restaurant”